Göktuğ's European Portuguese "Lusitânia" playlist

Introducing a Spotify Playlist which contains modern music from Portugal, aimed at helping learners of the language.

Here is the playlist.

It contains music from Portugal, mainly pop, jazz-pop, alt-rock and other rock subgenres. So music you can listen on the commute or while doing the dishes. Almost all music is in European Portuguese, except one instrumental and one version of Ces petits riens in French, but by a Portuguese artist.

I have specifically avoided “ethnic” music (like folk or fado) for that reason, that’s not the stuff we generally casually listen.

Use it however you like. I’ll be updating this list occasionally with more European Portuguese music. I’ll stick to my own musical tastes, but feel free to make a copy of it and develop it however you like.

My main aim with this is to have material that’s specifically European Portuguese, which I’m studying currenty, as it is rather hard to find media in it as a beginner, given the vastly bigger amount of content available in Brasilian Portuguese. IMO, early on, it’s important to stick to a certain variety of a language, and in my case I’m aiming for PT-EU specifically because I have specific interest in it.