Kiss me then birth me

An English translation of Cemal Süreya's poem Beni öp sonra doğur beni. This was first written as part of a comment on Tildes.

it grains disgrace
atop blond kids’ spikes.

From the plains
a blindfolded lilac’s fragrance from the plains
encircles that little sun of ours.

Spouting out of homes terraces
comes and settles in my voice.

The supple conium of my voice
the pied conium of my voice.

And towards the birds
ivory: the manner of the wind.
Mountain: a sun’s skeleton.

Among wooden statues
sea’s whelp hefty.

I see blood I see stones
among all the statues
warm novice incubus
—insomnia’s milky fig—
seeps not into the beehives.

My mom died so young
kiss me, then birth me.