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HTTPS Enabled!

[2017-11-06 Pzt]

I have enabled HTTPS on gkayaalp.com, using ‘Let’s Encrypt’. Shame on me that I did not do this until now and missed out how easy it was to get it set up. Kudos to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET for facilitating a one command/click set up.

forecast.el 0.6.3 released

[2017-09-17 Paz]

The new version of forecast.el is available at Github, and should pop on Melpa shortly.

Add a microblog

[2017-09-06 Çrş]

Added a microblog at mu.html.

gk-greek.el version 1.5

[2017-06-15 Prş]

This new release fixes misplaced accent on the ού diphthong, and adds tranlations for variations of a[f/v] and e[f/v] to αυ and ευ, including accented variants αύ and εύ.


[2017-06-07 Çrş]

Wow that colours sucked! Just don’t touch colours at all. Also fixed some typos on the Ibrik Coffee page.


[2017-06-02 Cum]

Use a beige on purpura colour scheme, with links in turquoise and khaki, and titles in khaki. Also, switch to sans-serif font, justify paragraphs.

Use media queries more correctly

[2017-04-15 Cts]

It’s a shame that when using a media query one can’t say ‘phone in portrait’ and ‘computer screen in landscape, as wide as …’, but needs to guess pixel-widths. However, it seems to me that I’t got what I want this time.

Don’t force justification, use media queries to align the body

[2017-04-09 Paz]

Using media queries, allow the page content to be at the center if the screen is big enough, or use all the screen otherwise.

Paragraphs are aligned left, now w/o justification.

Updates to the stylesheet, new section added to homepage

[2017-03-29 Çrş]

A bit of a style change, uses Monospace fonts all over.

The homepage now has a ‘the presence’ section listing my public profiles on various websites.

Add an introductory paragraph to the Emacs page

[2017-02-27 Pzt]

Includes a link to my new EmacsWiki profile page.

Minor fixes to gk-unilat.el and gk-greek.el

[2017-02-27 Pzt]

Tiny updates to header comments.

Update source links for forecast.el and paper-theme

[2017-02-15 Çrş]

Remove forecast.el and paper-theme releases, point to respective GitHub repos in the Emacs stuff page.

New screenshot for forecast.el

[2017-02-11 Cts]

I’ve uploaded a new screenshot for forecast.el, and updated the Emacs Stuff page accordingly.

Starting my Changelog

[2017-02-11 Cts]

I’m starting this page to collect and publish updates to this website and to any programmes I published here. This page exports an RSS feed you can follow.

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