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HTTPS Enabled!

[2017-11-06 Pzt]

I have enabled HTTPS on gkayaalp.com, using ‘Let's Encrypt’

Ensuring integrity and persistence of mail and metadata w/ Gnus

[2017-10-12 Prş]

Recenly I had to deal with a problem with Gnus that caused data loss, headache and panic […]. So I took some measures to make sure that my mail and the related metadata remains safe.

Making a Debian Metapackage for One Command OS Setup

[2017-09-14 Prş]

This tutorial will guide through making a Debian Metapackage (i.e. a package that only has dependencies on other packages and installs no files) and setting up your configuration so that it's easily instatiable on a new system.

Automatically lock RCS-controlled Org files when capturing/refiling

[2017-09-13 Çrş]

İstanbulu dinliyorum

[2017-03-27 Pzt]

İstanbulu dinliyorum gözlerim tıkalı…

An argument for Emacs

[2017-02-06 Pzt]

A rant on relevance and utility of Emacs.

Turkish coffee

[2016-08-16 Sal]

Turkish coffee description, details, recipes and tips.


[2015-03-05 Prş]

«Kesim» oyununun 18 Haziran 2015 sekizincikat tiyatrodaki gösteriminin üzerine oyunun analizidir.

Mimesis İnternet Portalında 07.07.2015 tarihinde yayınlandı (link).

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